When He Got Pregnant!

maybe in the future such could be – but why suicide?


They had made last week
On a sassy sweet couch!
the day he lost virginity
But was happy no doubt!


When he got pregnant

All were shocked!

His uterus was paining

And the day was raining!


He saw the medical report

Crying ,why this happened to him

His soul was dying!


Hey! its not a big issue

She said

Just a little operation

We all call it Abortion


Abortion no way

I am having a life inside

I don’t wanna be a murderer

You have to be my wife


Wife? She laughed

Are you mad?

Sex was just fun

By mistake you got pregnant

Is that big news to Run?


He begged her ,he cried

She ignored.

At last he commited suicide!


AND his dream was over.

That day he didn’t force his girlfriend for sex.

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Oprah & the Covert Narcissist

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What is the Truth?

I’ve been trying for 3 days to write a blog about Oprah’s Golden Globe speech without referencing my ex narc.  Alas, it is not meant to be.  I am compelled to write about the intersection of my ex narc and Oprah.

Quick background – my ex left his 1st wife when his son was 20 months old.  Two months later she was admitted to the psych ward of a local hospital after faking a car accident and amnesia.  At that point my ex assumed custody of his 22 month old son.  They moved in with his mother.  His mother took care of the child during the week, I on the weekends.  On the child’s 3rd birthday we moved in together, and I assumed the maternal role full time.  Within a few months the child was calling me “mom”.

I went on to have 3 biological children…

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